Company Background

N’Multination Media was established in 2001 and registered with office of Company Registrar Kathmandu Nepal. Regd No. 13467/57/58. N’Multination Media is a full-service advertising agency that has been creating innovative, cost-effective, media-driven advertising campaigns for over 13 years and committed for further more successful campaigns. We are personally involved in all phases of the marketing process and carefully monitor the progress made by each of our clients. N’Multination Media was built on the concept that every clients brand is our brand. We know that many clients are treated poorly by their big advertising agencies, and some never receive the professional service they deserve.

N multination Media strives to maintain long-term relationship with every client. N multination Media provides media planning; daily media monitor reports, daily media modifications, and daily communication with every client. At N’Multination Media, our clients never have to wait long for a call back. We’re on top of every clients list, and, we’re always ready to respond immediately to their important marketing needs! N’Multination Media individually negotiates every media buy for every client case with every station and network (offering both online & offline advertising and marketing needs of clients and prospects). We hold no media time in inventory. Instead of receiving recycled media time, our clients always get fresh media time at low negotiated rates.

N multination Media prides itself on always delivering the lowest media rates possible for our clients. We maintain a keen awareness that the growth and success of our client’s business is the key to our own success. We want to help your business grow into more profitable company.  For talented media managers, negotiators and buyers who care about your business the way you do, put N’Multination Media to work for you. At N’Multination Media, we spend time managing your media on a daily basis, and you’ll definitely see the results of our hard work where it really counts…at your bottom line!