Message From CEO

This is a time of great excitement and challenge in the advertising business. We all know that keeping pace with new developments in media and advertising methods has gotten increasingly more complicated in recent years. Our industry is literally changing by the hour, and no one person can really be an expert in anything for long anymore. If your business competes for eyeballs with national and international advertisers, the level playing field brought on by new media is good news. But here’s the bad news: Your job just got harder. Your customers are exposed to a wider array of media than ever before. They’ve also moved from being passive recipients of your message to actively engaging with the brands they use. You can’t just send your message out there and hope for the best — you’ve got to manage a conversation across multiple Medias and technology platforms. It can be expensive and time consuming. Your risk is increasing, yet you can’t afford to waste a dollar. Here’s a lesson we’ve learned that will give you encouragement:

The skills and talent that made great advertising in the past are making great advertising today, and will continue to in the future. Whether it’s a news story, an advertising campaign — a great message placed in the right media will get a response. Today’s challenges simply mean that you need a broader, more diverse team at your disposal in order to ensure that you’re considering all available strategic options for communicating, and making the best choices for you. So how do you tackle that? Our clients turn to us. Our company is organized around specific expertise in the various creative, media and technology tools that are effective for advertisers today. We simply help our clients navigate the various choices, and provide great creative that connects, resonates and influences. Our clients don’t need to be experts, but we do. They don’t need to hire more people or spend more money in order to be everywhere — they just need to spend more wisely. That’s our business. That’s why we’re full service. If you think you need an agency, call us. We can help accelerate your growth. If you’re not sure you need an agency or have never worked with one then also you can call us. We know that every Rupee you invest in marketing is critical and we can help you get the most out of that investment. Please allow us the opportunity to present N Multination Media to you as your next…and, hopefully, last…advertising agency as a co-partner for more successful journey ahead.

Narayan Shrestha, CEO

General Secretary, AAN (Advertising Association of Nepal)